"Microbes and Society”


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a 2015. évi World Science Forum keretében


„Microbes and Society”

címmel 2015. november 12-én tart tudományos ülést az MTA Székház Nagytermében.



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Microbes are commonly associated with their severe adverse effects exerted on the society. The man in the street, but even scientists, when asked on the effect of microbes on the society will call from the history e.g. plague, epidemic cholera, or famine caused; concerning recent events they will probably call the Ebola epidemic, such acronyms like SARS, or even dental caries. These are those - otherwise true -platitudes, which pour from the media. We should not deny the morbigenous attribute of certain microbes.

However, the relationship between microbes and the society is profoundly complex and at least as benefic as disfavourable, unless even more. The commonplaces of the benefic effects are such as nitrogen fixation, probiotic microbes or the production of microbial secondary metabolites, like antibiotics.

The lectures of the scientific session Microbes and Society will pass around these questions. First, we will draw the attention of the audience to the immense resource what microbes give to the society in general. Then the agricultural uses of microbes, their immense positive effect on the alimentation of humankind will be analyzed. In the second part of the session, the responsibility of humans in the evolution of microbial diseases, and the challenges of the emerging infections will be analyzed.

The last lecture deals with the responsibility of the society and scientists concerning preventive vaccination.